Si Kathryn, isang female Casanova. She has many boyfriends. Sometimes, 3 timer or 4 at alam ng boyfriends niya yun. But they still stay. Because of love? No. Because of her body or lips. Yeah. She DOES THAT. Hindi siya nahihiya kahit pa kalat sa buong campus niya yun. But she makes sure that the teachers don't know it. She's half a gangster too. Yup, she is. The most unbelievable girl in the world.. Kathryn Chandria Bernardo.. The Female Casanova.

My first story to hit 100K reads.



The Story Of Us

This is the story on how i faced life with and without my love. - Kath

The first one shot I made. 


Love Conquers Stupidity 
Si Jam, isang napaka malas na babae na ipinakilala ng tadhana kay Daniel, ang dreamboy, hearthrob, campus crush, mr. brightside at napaka yabang na nilalang sa pinagaaralan ni Jam. How will fate write their story? Will it be tragic, extraordinary or just simple?

First story I ever made.

She is the One

A story when HE met HER. Then everything just got messed up.

Short story maybe? Slow update.

FACT: Kaya magkaiba ang nakasulat na writter sa cover photos, it's because nagpalit ako ng username. Before I was using 'Jaammmiiiieeeee', but now I'm using 'sexydreamer'. 

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